Flexible Mounting Structures Turn the Impossible into Possible
May 13 , 2024

With available flat land resources dwindling for photovoltaic power plant projects, flexible mounting structures have become crucial for efficient land resource utilization in recent years.

Flexible mounting structures, a new type of solar energy support system, employ space structure technology such as suspending, tensioning, hanging, bracing, and compressing. By combining PC strands and steel structures, it create a system with "high headroom, large span, and long column distance," efficiently utilizing environmental space. It addresses weak wind resistance in traditional systems with large spans, offering promising applications.

These structures are versatile and adaptable, ideal for areas with mountainous slopes and differences in vegetation height. And they are suitable for sewage treatment plants, fish ponds, and tidal flats due to their large spans and customizable layouts.

Additionally, lightweight materials in the system increase its lifespan. Compared to traditional steel structures, installation is quicker and more convenient, saving time and labor costs. Furthermore, the use of renewable materials minimizes environmental impact, aligning with modern ecological conservation requirements.

As a long-term operational photovoltaic power station, flexible mounting structures require customization based on terrain complexity. While they may be costlier than traditional fixed mounting systems, they offer strong economic potential and distinct advantages in specific application scenarios.

Flexible mounting structures have opened new doors for projects once deemed impossible, turning the impossible into possible. It's believed that these structures will play a crucial role in the future of solar energy. For more about cutting-edge information and professional knowledge of solar PV, be sure to follow Huge Energy!

Advantages of Huge Energy Solar PV Mounting Structures

Huge Energy solar PV mounting structures feature carefully selected materials, such as corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys, high-strength steel products and top-quality stainless steel bolt sets. Precision machining ensures durability in varied environments. Our custom design service ensures optimal mounting angles for maximum energy capture.

We offer 10 years of quality assurance and a 25-year design life. Our "safety-first" engineering strategy has resulted in a decade of accident-free operations. Count on us for professional services from consultation through installation to ongoing maintenance.

We meet your expectations in every aspect and get your investment to the maximum return.

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